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Cash Loans

Cash loans are available if you know where to look. Unfortunately, you can't get them in the parking lot at Dairy Queen.

Cash Loans... Straight Up From The Crew 2 You, B!

Ask the nearest crew member about cash loans

It's a really great country we live in. Not only can you apply for and receive cash advance loans within just 24 hours, but there is never been an easier, somewhat-secure way for lazy people to receive money for not working. You simply can't beat that kind of efficiency. Also called payday loans, these instant injections of monetary goodness are nothing short of amazing. The buzz is insane - it's as if your wallet pounded a 32 oz. Mountain Dew in three gulps.

Having exploited this process for months now, the Cash Advance Crew has it down to a science. Here, they pass along their infinite wisdom to you in a simple, five-step guide.

  1. Skip school, but still show up for part of the day to skateboard in the parking lot. They have smooth surfaces and some pretty rad curbs and speed bumps, after all.
  2. After kicking it outside Mobil Mart for an hour or so, waiting for someone who's 18 to buy cigarettes for them, the Crew rolls to one of its member's houses to go online and maybe get some instant cash loans.
  3. Several games of Quake later, they complete applications for one or more cash loans.
  4. The lenders call to confirm the employment and identification of the applicant. The job is key to this process. As long as you are employed, the lender knows you can repay its cash advances. And Frankie's gig at McDonald's does the job!
  5. The Crew divvies up the funds accordingly. They have financial obligations just like everyone else, you know.

And there you have it. Cash loans up to $500.00 can be yours, via direct deposit, in just 24 hours! At that point it will be time to live it up until your next paycheck. There is no telling how many cases of Mountain Dew that will buy. Or wool knit caps - no matter what time of year it is, you can never have enough and with fast cash loans, you can get them! Ain't that freakin' sweet, what the companies that offer quick cash loans to you can do?

The flip side of cash loans

The only possible drawback to these instant cash loans? That sometimes you have to pay them back. Sad but true. Like all good things, all payday cash loans must someday come to an end. There may also be fees involved of some kind. Surcharges or something. Interest rates, or flat fees. Maybe both. We're not sure. If you're looking for the general gist of nailing down cash loans, you've come to the right place.

For the real specifics, you might try looking elsewhere. The Crew is not all about details.

  • Tony Hawk - yes. Details? No.
  • Watching TV - definitely. Homework? Not a chance.

You get the idea.To learn more about cash loans from sites that may actually work, visit our Related Resources pages today. Your cash loan will be like hitting a backside tail grind.

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